Many visitors are surprised to learn that Calcot Manor’s history spans over 700 years. Henry of Kingswood established the original building in around 1300AD as a tithe barn annex of Kingswood Abbey. When you stay, take a look at the original datestone in the tithe barn, which verifies the building’s founding during the reign of King Edward I.

In the 16th century, Henry VIII dissolved England’s monasteries and granted ownership of Calcot Manor to Nicholas Poyntz. In 1598, ownership passed to Sir Thomas Estcourt and there it remained in the family name until the early 19th century.

Calcot Manor has operated as a hotel since 1984 and remains independently owned. When renovating and refurbishing the buildings, rooms and grounds, we’ve made sure every stone and beam stays true to the location’s original spirit. It’s our way of showing pride in the property and respect for its impressive heritage.